Academic and non-fiction editing

I am not currently accepting editing work. I will update the website when I am available again.

Academics – Can’t finish that journal article? Can’t get it published? Struggling with job applications or grant proposals? Are you a non-native speaker of English trying to publish in English-speaking journals? Want your academic research to reach a wider audience? Are you a graduate student struggling to edit your dissertation or thesis?

Non-fiction writers - Are you struggling to take your book to the next level? Need a second pair of eyes on an essay, opinion piece or article? Want to improve your online content?

I can help.



As well as having a successful academic research career, I am the editor of Stephen Jeffreys’ Playwriting: Structure, Character, How and What to Write (Nick Hern Books, 2019). I co-wrote Page to Stage: Our Country’s Good (Nick Hern Books, 2010). I was an editor at the website New Left Project for three years where I edited academics’ work to be accessible to a general audience. 

I have been a peer reviewer for the journals American Political Science ReviewCritical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy (CRISPP)European Journal of Political Theory, HypatiaRes PublicaRaisons Politiques, Signs and Social Theory and Practice. I have taught at Oxford and Cambridge universities. I have a Cert-TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and have taught in the UK, Ireland, Spain and China. I have good working knowledge of French and Spanish, and basic German.


*Please note, I am not currently accepting work (Sept 2019).

Proof-reading £20 per hour (checking for errors in punctuation, spelling and grammar)

Proof-reading and editing £25 per hour (proof-reading plus advice on rewriting and restructuring)

Proof-reading, editing and commenting £30 per hour (Humanities and Social Sciences only) (proof-reading and editing, plus comments on content)


  • Monographs and books

  • Journal articles

  • Book chapters

  • Research and grant proposals

  • Job application materials

  • Dissertations and theses

  • Magazine articles

  • Blog posts

  • Other online content


Having spent some years helping the playwright Stephen Jeffreys to turn his writing workshops into a viable book, Maeve was left to complete the job on her own when Stephen fell seriously ill and died. She undertook this job with commitment, tenacity and resourcefulness, calling on her background both as an academic and a theatre administrator. The resulting book is a tribute to her strengths, expertise and skills as an editor, which I’d already appreciated when she pulled together a large amount of disparate material to construct a valuable book offering a ‘page to stage’ guide to the play Our Country’s Good.
— Nick Hern, Nick Hern Books Ltd.
Maeve helped me significantly with the proofreading of a peer-reviewed academic article in political philosophy. I am not a native-speaker of English and Maeve’s grammatic and stylistic interventions were paramount for improving my writing. She also provided some comments on the philosophical content, which helped me improve the article. She was on-time, reliable, available and accurate during the whole process. In the end, my article was accepted and published.
— Federica Gregoratto, Department of Philosophy, University of St Gallen
Maeve helped me with my applications for postdoctoral positions. She gave very valuable suggestions about how much methodological detail such applications required as well as how much work one should commit to completing in a research proposal. She also recommended stylistic changes which made my applications more reader-friendly. Maeve’s personal experience of obtaining prestigious fellowships and her sharp eye for detail proved to be of great help.
— Udit Bhatia, Junior Research Fellow, Jesus College, University of Oxford.
Maeve proofread and edited the final version of a political theory article I wrote. It’s a difficult task given that I’m a non-native speaker, but she did it incredibly promptly and thoroughly. She reformulated many awkward sentences, spotted typos and missing information (eg. dates), and suggested some changes in the structure of some paragraphs. Her input helped to clarify some obscure passages. I was very pleased with the result, and able to send the paper to the journal without delay. I warmly recommend her editing services. Thank you Maeve!
— Elise Roumeas, Postdoctoral Research Associate in Political Theory, University of Oxford.