Am I responsible for global injustice? This is the question that motivates my research. I use Iris Marion Young’s “social connection model” of responsibility ­– the idea that individuals bear political responsibility for structural injustices they are connected to. Young died in 2006 before completing her theory, so in my doctoral and postdoctoral research I have developed the theory, but also critiqued it. I am writing my first book on this topic, which highlights Young’s neglect of power – Just Sweat It: Power and the Limits of Structural Injustice. I also have research interests in reparations for slavery and intersectional feminism.

Currently, I am a Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Cambridge. Previously, I was a Junior Research Fellow at St Hilda’s College, where I founded the St Hilda’s Feminist Salon; a Post-doctoral Research Fellow at Justitia Amplificata, Goethe University Frankfurt; and a Teaching Associate in Ethics and World Politics at the University of Cambridge. I did my PhD and MA in Political Theory at UCL (University College London). My undergraduate degree was in Politics and International Relations at the University of Manchester.


Available at  Rowman & Littlefield  and  Amazon .

Available at Rowman & Littlefield and Amazon.

Special Issues

Global Justice: Radical Perspectives,” Maeve McKeown and Alasia Nuti eds., Global Justice: Theory Practice Rhetoric, Vol.9, No.2, 2016.

Journal Articles

Iris Marion Young’s “Social Connection Model of Responsibility”: Clarifying the Meaning of Connection,” Journal of Social Philosophy, Vol.49, No.3, Fall 2018.

Global Structural Exploitation: Towards an Intersectional Definition,” Global Justice: Theory Practice Rhetoric, Vol.9, No.2, 2016. 

Book Chapters

Responsibility for Structural Injustice,” in International Encyclopedia of Ethics, Hugh LaFollette ed., Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, 2018.

“Sweatshop Labour as Global Structural Exploitation,” in Monique Deveaux and Vida Panitch eds., Exploitation: From Practice to Theory, London: Rowman & Littlefield International, 2017.

Individuals as Agents of Justice: The Political Responsibility to Participate in Global Civil Society,” in Ernest-Marie Mbonda and Thierry Ngosso eds., Théories de la Justice: Séminaires Doctoraux de Yaoundé 2012-14, Louvain: Presses Universitaires de Louvain, 2016.


The Naturall Condition of Mankind,” European Journal of Political Theory (online first, Nov 2018).

“Critical précis, “What is my role in changing the system? A New Model of Responsibility for Structural Injustice,” by Robin Zheng,” Pea Soup, June 2018.

academic employment

Unestablished Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Cambridge (Sept 2019-present).

Visiting Academic, St Hilda’s College, University of Oxford (Jan 2019-Sept 2019).

Junior Research Fellow, St Hilda’s College, University of Oxford (Jan 2016 - Dec 2018).

Teaching Associate in Ethics and World Politics, University of Cambridge (Oct 2015 - Jan 2016).

Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Justitia Amplificata, Goethe University Frankfurt (Oct 2014 - Oct 2015).


Ph.D. University College London (UCL). Political Theory (2015).

M.A. UCL. Political Theory (2010). Distinction.

B.SocSci. University of Manchester. Politics and International Relations (2007). First Class Honours.

Prizes and Awards

Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) studentship (2010-2014).

Gay Clifford Award for Outstanding Women Students (UCL, 2009).

Ralph Young Prize, top of the year in Politics and International Relations (University of Manchester, 2007).

invited talks

  • “Poverty and Feasibility” Workshop, Australian National University (August 2019).

  • “Ethics and Public Policy,” Blavatnik School of Government, Oxford (June 2019).

  • Nuffield Workshop, University of Oxford (Nov 2018).

  • Oxford Forum/Headington School’s Philosophy Café (Nov 2018).

  • Philosophy Colloquium, University of St Gallen (Nov 2018).

  • Guest lecture on The Philosophy of Clothes, University of St Gallen (Nov 2018).

  • Open Minds, Manchester Graduate Conference (Keynote speaker, Aug 2018).

  • Philosophy Colloquium, University of Birmingham (May 2018).

  • Birkbeck Study Day, Birkbeck University, London (Jan 2018).

  • Priority in Practice (New Series) Workshop, Blavatnik Schoool of Government, University of Oxford (May 2017).

  • “Radical Perspectives on Exploitation,” Humboldt University, Berlin (Sept 2016).

  • “Exploring the Influence of Iris Marion Young,” LMU Munich (July 2016).

  • “From the Transatlantic Slave Trade to Engaging the Maangamizi: Historical Injustice and Reparations,” Queens University Belfast (June 2016).

  • “Intergenerational Justice: Historical Perspectives,” University of Exeter (June 2016).

  • “The Ethics of International Institutions,” University of Manchester (May 2016).

  • The Social Justice Seminar Series, University of Newcastle (Nov 2015).

  • Contemporary Political Thought Research Seminar, University of Cambridge (Nov 2015).

  • Justitia Amplificata/Wissenschaftkolleg Berlin, “Structural Injustice” workshop (Feb 2015).

  • '“Frontiers of Responsibility,” Paris-Sorbonne 1 (Dec 2014).

conference presentations

“Excusing Individuals from Moral Responsibility for Global Injustice”

  • Colloque Iris Marion Young, Paris-Sorbonne 1 (May 2017).

“Reparations for Slavery: Combining Forward-looking and Backward-looking Responsibility”

  • “Repairing the Past, Imagining the Future: Reparations and Beyond…,” University of Edinburgh (Nov 2015).

  • European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR), Montreal (Aug 2015).

  • Collective Responsibility for the Future, University College Dublin (June 2015).

“Iris Marion Young’s “Social Connection Model” of Responsibility: Defining Connection”

  • Association for Legal and Social Philosophy (ALSP) annual conference, University of Leeds (July 2014).

  • Oxford Graduate Political Theory Conference (2014).

“Individuals as Agents of Justice: The Political Responsibility to Participate in Global Civil Society”

  • Yaoundé PhD Seminar, Cameroon (March 2014).

“Who Bears Responsibility for Post-Colonial Poverty?”

  • Graduate Political Theory Conference, Princeton University (2011).



Unestablished lecturer in Philosophy, University of Cambridge, (Sept 2019-).

Guest lecture, University of St Gallen (“Philosophy of Clothes”), (Nov18).

Seminar leader, Exeter College Summer School, University of Oxford (July 2017).

Class convener and examiner on MA Public Policy, Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford (Oct-Dec 2016).

Undergraduate thesis supervision, University of Oxford (2016-2017).

Teaching Associate in Ethics and World Politics, University of Cambridge (Oct - Dec 2015).

Wrote a syllabus for a MA module “The Political Thought of Iris Marion Young” taught by Prof Jonathan Wolff at UCL (2014).

Seminar leader in Feminism at Demand the Impossible summer school, Goldsmiths University London (2012).

English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) teacher at International House, Dublin (Nov 2007-Jan2008).

TEFL residential summer school teacher in Winchester, Madrid, Salisbury and China (2004-2007).

Cert-TEFL Advanced Institute, Madrid (May 2004).

Events Organised and Grant Proposals

Founder and curator of the St Hilda’s Feminist Salon (Feb 2016-Dec2018).

Co-organised the Justitia Amplificata annual conference, “Challenges of Global Pluralism” (July 2015).

Co-wrote a grant proposal for the UCL public engagement project “Enriching Public Discourse - Empowering African People” (Oct 2014).

Co-organised a MANCEPT workshop, '“Global Justice: Radical Perspectives” (Sept 2014).

Co-organised UCL annual PhD conference, “The Buck Stops Where? Responsibility in the Global Economy” (May 2014).

Other writing


Stephen Jeffreys, Maeve McKeown ed., Playwriting: Structure, Character, How and What to Write, London: Nick Hern Books, 2019.

Max Stafford-Clark with Maeve McKeown, Page to Stage: Our Country’s Good, London: Nick Hern Books, 2010.

Online and Magazines

Commissioning editor and author at New Left Project (2010-2013). Wrote fifteen feature articles and blog posts, including:

  • Series edited: Patriarchy 2013 and The Passion Industries. 

  • Interviews with Paul Mason, Laurie Penny, Morgane Richardson, Clare Soloman.

  • “Ireland’s Abortion Problem” (Parts One and Two), June 2013.

  • “The Mau Mau Court Case: Why the British Government Should Pay,” 26 July 2012.

  • “Rape and the Occupy Movement,” 13 Dec 2011. (Reposted on Open Democracy and Z-Net).

  • “Black Bloc: A Mis-guided Tactic for June 30,” 28 June 2011.

  • “Superinjunctions: Class, Gender and the Fightback,” 16 May 2011 (Reposted on Critical Legal Thinking).

Contributor to Open Democracy.

“Is the students’ conflict intergenerational?” in Dan Hancox ed., Fight Back! A Reader on the Winter of Protest, London: Open Democracy, 2011.

My blog Student Theory was about the student protest movement, 2010-11.

Music journalist for University of Manchester student newspaper (2004-2007).

Music journalist for In Madrid (2006).

Music journalist for Big Buzz Magazine, Belfast. Interviews, gig and album reviews, monthly column (2001 - 2003).